The surprise in a limousine with special prices only from Us starting from 99.00 euros with sparkling wine on board surprise service from the home of the birthday or 30-minute journey in absolute exclusivity (call for availability always at 339.7468551) Transport to the restaurant disco circumstances absolute exclusive theme !!!

At the moment in the province of Milan and Varese areas where you can offer the Special Tour service cities of Rho, Busto Arsizio, Rescaldina, Legnano, Canegrate, Solbiate Olona, ‚Äč‚ÄčNerviano, Magenta, Arconate Busto Garolfo, Parabiago, Cerro Maggiore, San Vittore Olona , Castellanza and neighboring cities.

If you want your evening to begin in an original and overwhelming way, start with a unique surprise, bring it with your car at the established point you pretend it’s bad or you have serious problems put on a beautiful tragic scene, tell her that the evening now it’s over, stop call the tow truck, that is us and a fantastic American Limousine you Cost for this service 129.00 euros.

motorway exit by one of our second drivers who will take you to the local parking lot, the additional cost is 25.00 euros.

Or send us a special invitation, ask for the Limousine Service Courtesy Portale della notte at the appointed time our Limousine will show up at the house of the person who will keep you company for dinner, you decide whether to have it found at the table or have you found in the car with a deck of roses or a splendid diamond or gift. All this at reasonable prices to be agreed based on distance. !!!

Another special formula to not spend so much: Come to our partner restaurants leave your car in their parking lot and go to the Limousine to pick up the person you want where you want.

Dinner with Romantic Tour on Lake Como-Varese Arona , from the restaurant or Location agreed by us after your dinner our Limousine will be ready to take you to Lake Como or Varese or go to Arona for a 2-hour Special Romantic Tour where you can toast in a private and unique way. Cost for this service 290.00 euros.

For those who dine in our Locations after a special dinner with free tours , restaurants in Legano Milan in Limousine cost 140 euros, a bottle on board included for other tours or for other destinations call us together we will find the best solution.