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We offer limo service at the best rates in the town, the luxury and comfortable limos are provided to you at your convenience. The luxury limos and chauffeurs are there for you to offer comfort, best service, and quality assurance.

Any Group Size, Any Distance.

We offer complete destination management services, corporate transportation, group, and event logistical transportation and leisure transportation services.

Outstanding Experience

We are committed to provide you an outstanding experience for your personal and corporate transportation.

Friendly Staff

We will make sure you will get properly and easily served by our reservation staff, who will answer your queries and reserve your bookings. The booking confirmation will be sent on emails and phone bookings will be there to help you too.

24/7 Availability

The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The booking can be canceled too if reported in a given time. The professional chauffeurs will be there to serve you with excellent and world-class services.

Services We Offer

We provide you top-notch quality service, we make sure that our cars perfectly working and up to date with all the features and luxuries.

The cars are polished and checked for maintenance regularly, can be confirmed with the certifications from our vendors.

Ride In Luxury

The promising and world-class facilities are there to help you with your corporate transportation and wedding transportation.
The chauffeurs are also well trained and rehearsed for the services, you won’t be disappointed with their behavior and driving.
We offer best prices and packages in our industry; the prices are set to meet the expectations of client experience.

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Five Tips for a Luxury Trip To Australia in Less

Five Tips for a Luxury Trip To Australia in Less

For a travel enthusiast, Australia could be rated as one of the world’s best vacation spots with its extravagant city life, gorgeous landscapes and a coastline stretching over 30,000nm. However, planning an Australian tour on a budget is still doable if you are careful enough to know how to spend your money. Let’s take a look at five of the best tips:

Decide your tour timings

Australia tends to be a gigantic country with a huge climate difference across it. Therefore, it is vital that you plan on the cities you plan to visit ahead of time keeping in mind the weather conditions which eventually add to your tour budget. For example, the best time to visit might be Australia’s summers (December to March) but that also means higher room rents and a gust of tourists all around. Moreover, you would not want to be stuck inside due to heavy rainfall and waste your time in highly tropical areas. Hence, it is always wise to prioritize the areas and decide accordingly.

You don’t have to drive, always

Unless you really want that unique driving experience, it is best to fly across Australia on their domestic flights which can be less costly as compared to the car rental services. Airlines including Tigerair, Qantas and Virgin Australia are one of the most reasonably priced for your tour. Moreover, it is always more convenient and would give you more time to explore the Country rather than spending days on the road to get to your next tour destination. In terms of air travel, off-season runs from April to August and is also the best time to visit Australia.

Do your homework before booking hotels

Know that even five star hotels in a single region can have wide pricing differences. Therefore, it is best that you do your research online and compare hotel rentals so as to get the most value for your money. It is always better to walk a few minutes to the nearest city highlight then to spend an extra $100 on your hotel bill. Keep in mind that sometimes flexible check-in and check-out dates can also contribute positively to your probable hotel fare and maybe add to your tour in terms of exposure as well.

Don’t go overboard with your food budget

Expert travelers always advise to save on food costs by taking advantage of the buoyant cafes spread all across Australia which are not only lively but would also give you the real taste of Australian food on your tour in affordable rates or maybe you could just pack a picnic of your choice and spend a day at the Bondi beach relaxing.

Be one of the locals

While you may want to splurge in a luxury yacht hire sydney experience, it is important to know that the same views can be enjoyed with the locals if you opt for a ferry and that gives you the added advantage of making new friends and getting a taste of the local hospitality on your tour too.

Fossano Limousine Hire

Fossano Limousine Hire

The surprise in a limousine with special prices only from Us starting from 99.00 euros with sparkling wine on board surprise service from the home of the birthday or 30-minute journey in absolute exclusivity (call for availability always at 339.7468551) Transport to the restaurant disco circumstances absolute exclusive theme !!!

At the moment in the province of Milan and Varese areas where you can offer the Special Tour service cities of Rho, Busto Arsizio, Rescaldina, Legnano, Canegrate, Solbiate Olona, ​​Nerviano, Magenta, Arconate Busto Garolfo, Parabiago, Cerro Maggiore, San Vittore Olona , Castellanza and neighboring cities.

If you want your evening to begin in an original and overwhelming way, start with a unique surprise, bring it with your car at the established point you pretend it’s bad or you have serious problems put on a beautiful tragic scene, tell her that the evening now it’s over, stop call the tow truck, that is us and a fantastic American Limousine you Cost for this service 129.00 euros.

motorway exit by one of our second drivers who will take you to the local parking lot, the additional cost is 25.00 euros.

Or send us a special invitation, ask for the Limousine Service Courtesy Portale della notte at the appointed time our Limousine will show up at the house of the person who will keep you company for dinner, you decide whether to have it found at the table or have you found in the car with a deck of roses or a splendid diamond or gift. All this at reasonable prices to be agreed based on distance. !!!

Another special formula to not spend so much: Come to our partner restaurants leave your car in their parking lot and go to the Limousine to pick up the person you want where you want.

Dinner with Romantic Tour on Lake Como-Varese Arona , from the restaurant or Location agreed by us after your dinner our Limousine will be ready to take you to Lake Como or Varese or go to Arona for a 2-hour Special Romantic Tour where you can toast in a private and unique way. Cost for this service 290.00 euros.

For those who dine in our Locations after a special dinner with free tours , restaurants in Legano Milan in Limousine cost 140 euros, a bottle on board included for other tours or for other destinations call us together we will find the best solution.

Lake Como Limousine Hire

Lake Como Limousine Hire

an exclusive idea for your event and for every unique occasion to make it special, the perfect anniversary or parties that can be birthday, graduation, theme party, surprise day, romantic service with dinner and after dinner limousine tour with services of transfer, we can organize the bachelorette party, celebrate celibacy and evening with friends, we are honored to offer you a service that is unparalleled also because we are veterans in the profession that for over 20 years we organize Events in themed limousines on Lake Como.

For information call or send a message on whatsapp Mobile Phone to (+39) 3397468551: the information service we offer is free, we are always available every day from 9am to 8pm in the morning the day and after 8.30pm in the evening on whatsapp every day of the week.

With us, you will be able to rent the Lincoln tiffany executive Limousines or the Hummer h2 Limo and limobus available for both 8 and 12 and 16 seats at unbeatable prices.


We offer different models and different colors, with white, pink, black colors, interiors have Roll Bar music LCD televisions disco lights 800 € systems customizable music with USB connections and cables directly to custom smart phones. Included in the rental price of the limousine include the kilometers, fuel, driver available for the duration of the service, in the desired location, city or city tour chosen, stops and bottle of sparkling wine for toast; all our limousines are equipped with indoor seating with bar and crystal flutes, Hi Fi system, LCD video, starry sky LED lighting as shown in the videos !!.

(we propose what you see in this blog is all Real no Intermediaries or sub contracting agency directly to the source!)

• we also have the possibility of creating packages and offers in combination with the Limousine Service in a disco restaurant, or in the Disco with after dinner with bottles and table with fruit balls or even on a yacht (Boat Luxury) with special party, an aperitif on the premises in partnership with us to be able to carry out a promotion all in one!


8 seater Lincoln Tiffany (WHITE COLOR):

one hour the cost is 170 euros on Como other link price lists
The round trip transfer for each 45-minute journey costs € 290 with 2 bottles of Prosecco on board including example (city of Como – transfer to Legnano I or Monza and Rientro) max 28 km round trip.
the availability instead costs 160 euros the first hour and 80 euros the following hours.

8-seat Lincoln Executive (WHITE OR BLACK COLOR):

one hour 190 euros on the city of Milan and hinterland and Novara and hinterland with 2 bottles of sparkling wine on board Offers from us) transfer to / r with journey time under 45 minutes costs 300 euros with 2 bottles of sparkling wine on board Offers from us !! The cost of the first hour is 190 euros the first hour and 80 euros the following hours.

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